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Arts, Culture and Creative Industries

Engagement between Australia and China through the arts, cultural exchanges and the creative industries is steadily increasing. A bilateral Agreement on Cultural Cooperation was signed in 1981. Today, collaboration is organised through triennial Implementation Programs for Cultural Exchanges, admini… more

Australia and the American ‘Pivot to Asia’

The ‘Pivot to Asia’ (‘Pivot’ — now called a ‘rebalance’ in the US) refers to a strategic shift in American foreign policy towards a renewed focus on the Asia-Pacific, formally articulated by US President Barack Obama in a speech to the Australian parliament on 17 November 2011 commemorating the sixt… more

Australia and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 亚洲基础设施投资银行 (AIIB) is a China-led multilateral development bank (MDB) first proposed by Chinese leader Xi Jinping in a speech to the Indonesian parliament on 2 October 2013. Its stated purpose is to address a shortfall of infrastructure financing in Asia, a sh… more

Australia and Xi Jinping’s Corruption Crackdown

Since coming to power in November 2012, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has instigated one of the most extensive anti-corruption campaigns in the history of the Chinese Communist Party. A high-profile aspect of Xi’s corruption crackdown is the prosecution of corrupt Party cadres who have fled China with t… more


In 2018, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was, by most measures, more powerful than at any other time in its history and had become one of the most powerful countries in the world. Its economy faced serious challenges, including from the ongoing ‘trade war’ with the US, but still ranked as the world’s second largest.. more

A ‘moderately prosperous society’ with no Chinese individual left behind—that’s the vision for China set out by Chinese President Xi Jinping in a number of important speeches in 2017… more

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The Australia-China Story Archive

The Australia-China Story Archive is a compendium of media reports, comments and analysis related to the Australia-China relationship that has been developed from 2009. The Archive is arranged by topic and theme. Each theme is prefaced by an introductory essay followed by links to media reports and articles arranged chronologically. This allows users to track not only the major debates on Australia-China relations over recent years, but also to identify who said what and when. The general introduction, ‘An Account of the Archive’, by the creator of the project, Geremie R Barmé, offers an overview of the project.